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Leadership and Management Questions

As a manager, lead, director, VP, architect and/or a stake-holder, what questions do I think about when embarking on implementing Automation and Continuous Delivery. Strategic Decision Making and How to Choose a Solution

Technical Questions

Test Automation skill sets are broadly measured across programming languages, across libraries and across frameworks and across software development models. Choosing an Automation Solution

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There is no one-size fits all solution. There are debates over language, stack, practices etc. Below are few trade-off discussions (Click the ‘+’ sign to expand).





Best Practices and Tips

  • Real Data vs. Expected Data
  • GRID configuration settings
  • General Tips and Tricks

Selenium GRID

  • Set up Selenium GRID
  • Launch IE, Chrome and Firefox Nodes
  • Configuration parameters for HUB and Nodes
  • Desired Capabilities and Remote WebDriver
  • Execute a simple Selenium script on GRID
  • Pass Browser as Parameter to Script
  • Introduction to Sauce Labs

Optimization Techniques

Cucumber and Selenium Tips

  • Cucumber Transformations
  • Cucumber Matchers
  • Cucumber Capture Groups
  • Ruby Class vs. Module
  • Ruby Mixins

Best Practices Continued

  • Thick Client Automation
  • Code quality Analysis – Cucumber and Ruby
  • Technical Debt Discussion

Test Automation Frameworks

  • Keyword Driven Framework
  • Data Driven Framework
  • Page Object Design pattern
  • Hybrid Framework
  • MRI vs. JRuby
  • Switching Ruby runtime to JRuby

Sauce Labs - Cloud

  • Integration with Sauce Labs
  • Sauce Connect
  • Dashboard, Logs , videos and reports
  • Debugging Scripts and Logs

More Best Practices..

  • Scheduling a CI job
  • Patterns for Continuous Testing
  • Sneak Peek into Appium (Mobile Automation)


  • Continuous Integration Server
  • Integration with CI Server
  • Jenkins Job Set up + Selenium plugin
  • Continuous Feedback loop with Cucumber, Ruby and Selenium

Selenium WebDriver API

JetBrains RubyMine

Cucumber BDD

Sauce Labs Cloud

Set Up Selenium Components, Write Selenium API in Ruby, Selenium GRID, Watir API, JavaScript commands, Data Parsers
RubyMine IDE, Cucumber gherkin scenarios, Ruby , Bundler, Rake, Accelerated script writing, tips and tricks
Behavior Driven development, Acceptance test driven development, scenarios, scenario outline, background, hooks, Reports and Results, Build Tools
Integration with Sauce Labs, Cross Browser test automation, Desired Capabilities, Sauce Cloud and capabilities, Interactive session vs. Test Automation, Screenshots, Videos, Sauce Rest API, Mobile Support Discussion

We align with Agile, Acceptance Test Driven Development and Continuous Test Automation

ATDD, CI/CD are becoming the norms in most companies. Test Automation is not only important and critical, but it is mandatory for efficient feedback loop

  • It is very difficult to find good trainers online especially when there are so many websites and searching always confuses me. I talked to seleniumframework trainer (Naresh) and I was convinced that this team could understand what my expectations are. They in fact helped me not just on the training, but also directed me towards their rich network of students. I am very grateful to the team for providing such a high quality training and being available to answer queries, however tough they seemed Keep up the good work Guys!
  • I came with a lot of apprehension to this course if I would ever be able to learn basics. The course starts from the very basics and gradually increases pace. The trainers like Pradeep have immense expertise on various tools and softwares, that they can vary their pace based on the skill level of the student. I felt the classes were initially slow, however when I started doing the practice exercises is when I could see the learning I was going through. The last few exercises were very tough and I hope I would be able to solve them in real time projects   -Tracy
  • I was very surprised when Ruby was chosen. However, I am completely convinced now that with its simplicity , Ruby wins over many other programming languages especially for test Automation. Pradeep was extremely knowledgeable and always connected real time experiences in how decisions are made. I was very impressed when Pradeep explained the pros and cons of programming language choice for Selenium. Can't thank you enough for helping me get an automation engineer job!   Cheers, Megan
  • Thank you for explaining all the details patiently.a I haven't found any training course so engaging and giving a holistic picture at the same time deep-dive into code. I came in with manual testing background, however I feel confident about Selenium Automation testing. Thank you very much   - Chris