Disable Browser Auto Updates


We all know how painful it is when browser version automatically gets updated and without any notifications or messages. And our WebDriver tests start failing and it takes significant amount of time debugging and probably rolling back to the version that our release was agreed upon. Also because there is at least a month of ‘trail-behind’ version of selenium webdrivers that are compatible with the latest version of browsers, we ought to lock down our browser versions when executing tests.

So how do we do it?

Internet Explorer

Starting from IE 10, if we navigate to “About Internet Explorer” we have an option to turn off Auto updates.


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Firefox is relatively simple too. Open Tools – options – Advanced – Update [tab]. If you don’t see the Tools tab, press Alt-F



Google Chrome does NOT have a straight forward option to disable the auto update. It is beyond the scope of this section to go into every little detail on how to disable as it involves changing group policy and some registry settings in the machine. Please follow the instructions as mentioned on the Google website here.