Download and SetUp First Project



1) Set up and install Ruby

2) Set up and install Selenium

3) Set up and install Cucumber

  1.  Download template project as a zip file to C:\seleniumframeworkdownload_tempate_project
  2. Extract the contents of the zip file and your folder should look like this  template_extracted
  3.  Open RubyMine program (from All programs or if there is a shortcut on Desktop). The first screen would look like this. Just click OK  Rubymine_import
  4. Evaluate RubyMine for 30 daysYou can purchase it later if needed
  5. rubymine_evaluate
  6. Accept Rubymine license terms by checking the box  rubymine_acceptlicense
  7. Accept default theme of RubyMine. You may select other themes too.rubymine_defaulttheme
  8. Now click “open directory” [In this case, our directory is already a project]  


  9. Point it to the directory where we extracted the template project


  10. RubyMine should open and you should see this screen