Setup Cucumber and Helpers


Complete the steps outlined in Set up Ruby and Components

1) Open a command prompt on your machine and type the following command

“gem install cucumber”    (The version may vary depending on the latest). This might take a while, so please be patient


2) Install bundler (bundler is used to install gems in bundles)

“gem install bundler”


3) Install Selenium webdriver

“gem install selenium-webdriver”


4) Install watir-webdriver

“gem install watir-webdriver”



1) I am behind a corporate network/firewall

Generally the corporate network should whitelist the website in their proxy. So if you get any errors while accessing, you can set HTTP_PROXY variable to get access to that website. 

Note: First try without HTTP_PROXY variable and if all goes well, there is nothing to do. If you get issues while installing gems then set the HTTP_PROXY environment variable and point it to the proxy server that your corporate environment designated. You might have to ask network administrator the exact details.