Code Bases

We have posted as much code as possible inline on every page, while connecting it with the concepts.

That said, there is no substitute for doing it real time – other than “Just do it”. To help you, below are the github code bases.

  1. Check out the code base
  2. Run it
  3. Understand what is happening [Refer back to Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Frameworks tutorials]
  4. Change the code [refactor]
  5. Re-run and connect the dots

Watir Cucumber template

Blank project template to start writing your Cucumber scenarios and step_definitions. Most of the initial parts of tutorials use this template.

Hybrid Framework Code Base

Includes Data driven, keyword-driven and Page Object model (page-object) framework code implemented on an e-commerce website.

Hybrid + Page Object Tutorial

Modular/Keyword Driven Code Base

Modular Framework Tutorial

Data Driven Code Base

Data Driven Tutorial

Code posted inline

The code is posted inline on pages in all the tutorials. So based on your level of understanding, navigate to that particular tutorial and copy the code and practice it.

Videos have been posted too to get you started. Check the “PRACTICE” menu at the top.

Cucumber JVM project

Cucumber JVM tutorial

Cucumber JVM Tutorials

I need more…

Dude ! Did you try the above first ? If not, please do that. If you have understood the above concepts and tried and if you seek more help, then obviously you can search online, but we also provide tutorials. So please write to use from the contact form with what you seek and we can take it from there. Cheers !


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