Complete Hybrid Framework Implementation – 2

In the previous section on “Complete Hybrid Framework Implementation-1”, we have created page objects for each of the web pages we will interact with eventually in a shopping cart workflow. In this section, we will complete writing the modules/keywords, that combine groups of actions – that again complete the shopping cart workflow.

So if page objects roughly represent the state of a web page, then modules represent the code that when executed will convert into browser commands utilizing the page-objects identification mechanisms. We have already mentioned how modules/Keywords work in Keyword Driven Framework section.

We appended “Action” to each of the module names just so that we can identify them as group of actions.

The entire codebase is here –

You will need to navigate to cucumberjvm-selenium-pageobject maven project.

Contact Us Action

Order Confirmation Action

Order Summary Action

Payment Action

Select And Checkout Action

SignIn Action

Signout Action

Verify Address Proceed Action

Verify Shipping Address Proceed Action

Verify Shopping Cart Summary Action