Demo Sites

Feel free to use the below websites for your practice. We have tried our best to simulate/emulate the candidates so that you can apply concepts and learn. That said, we would appreciate on the below rules.

  1. Do NOT run any bots
  2. If you are not practicing, please do not keep your script running in an infinite loop, so that others can use it without performance overhead.
  3. If we find any IP’s or machines that are making too many requests, we will be forced to black list those IP’s unfortunately
  4. So thank you for adhering to the above rules


This page is on the main website and has different kinds of HTML elements and forms that you can practice with.


Mostly helpful for basic and intermediate tutorials

Practice selenium website

This website has static html pages, so this can handle load very effectively among all. Because, we don’t have any back and forth calls between client and server. So the only load on this website would be the managed service provider that is hosting this website.

Use this website for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Tutorials

Automation practice website

This website is an end-end e-commerce website. So there is lot of back and forth between server and client, lots of validations built into it to give you a complete experience to practice the scenarios you might find in real time projects.

Feel free to register and create your own user id and use that to navigate and practice on this website

While you register..

  1. Please provide a valid email id
  2. If we find that yours is NOT a valid email id, we will delete your username without any notice [This to ensure that other valid users get their fair share of this practice website features]
  3. If you do NOT want to create a username, feel free to use the one we already created “[email protected]/[email protected]”. However bear in mind that many of us are using this, so performance delays will be observed

Helpful for Frameworks&Beyond, Advanced, Intermediate and Basic Tutorials.