Browser Profiles, Preferences and Settings


There are many situations in which we will need to change browser’s preferences, settings and profiles to suit our Continuous Test Automation needs. Some of the examples are as follows:

  1. I want to keep my browser profiles separate – one for automation and other for my regular internet browsing, so that I don’t mix up both
  2. I want to be able to change user agent strings and simulate responsive web design conditions
  3. I want to handle the proxy server information automatically
  4. Https cert issues have to be ignored
  5. HomePage default URLĀ 
  6. And so on……


  • We have already seen some Browser commands via. Selenium in the Basic Tutorial section
  • Apart from the above, Firefox advanced preferences are generally set using the Firefox Profile (and we can programmatically create a profile or use an existing profile already created)
  • Chrome on the other hand is split between using profile and ‘–switches’. One will find more options using –switches with chrome and of value-add
  • Internet Explorer right now works best by manually setting it and using the settings during Test Automation
  • There is another bit topic viz. Desired Capabilities that Selenium offers, where we can set some more browser preferences, however that will be in the Advanced Tutorial

Please read the next two sections: Firefox profile and Chrome Switches.

When Internet Explorer lets folks do things more openly and aligns with the standards of WebDriver, this section would be updated