Download and SetUp First Project



1) What is Python?

2) What is Selenium?

3) What is behave ?

1. Download template project as a zip file to C:\seleniumfrmwrk


2. Extract the contents of the zip file and your folder should look like this


3. Open Pycharm program (from All programs or if there is a shortcut on Desktop) and click Open.


4. Point to the python_behave_template directory (In my case I downloaded to c:\seleniumfrmwrk)


5. Now your project should be imported into pycharm as below


6. Check that your python runtime is recognized by pycharm (In my case, I have python 3.4 version installed and available in PATH. Hence pycharm picked it up)


7. IF your pycharm doesn’t recognize the python runtime installed, then explicitly point it by adding in File – settings – Project settings as shown below (This can also be used to switch between versions of python. Anyways, there is a much better way to handle python versions through virtualenv or pyenv, for now we will assume that we have one python version to work with)