Setup Ruby and Components



1) Download Ruby from this location (32 bit installer works with 64 bit machines too, so please go ahead and download Ruby 2.0.0-p575). It is okay to install newer versions too like Ruby 2.1.3, however I have used 2.0.0



2) Double click the .exe file and accept the defaults


3) Do not forget to click on “Add Ruby executables to your PATH”


4) Generally installs to C:\Ruby200 for windows machines

5) Open a command prompt and verify that Ruby is installed. Ex. below


6) Download and Extract Devkit ( Download the one underneath the text “For use with Ruby 2.0 and 2.1 (32bit version only)” )

a) Double click the .exe file. The extractor would open

b) Extract the files to C:\RubyDevkit


7) Install Devkit


8) Download and Install Ruby Mine Editor (Free Evaluation for 30 days)

Download the RubyMine-6.3.3.exe anywhere on your machine and double click and accept all defaults.

Tip: Most of them are really impressed with the editor that they end up paying a small license fee. For running scripts using cucumber and Ruby, we can use command line too, however while developing scripts RubyMine makes our lives so much easier.


This section is complete now !